From Snapchat Bitmojis to human-like digital avatars we have come a long way!

4 min readJun 15, 2022


Remember sending 2D emojis to your far-stretched friend — it was for the first time we witnessed another face of expressing our emotions. It, though, was an unrealistic way but definitely made our chat box fun-filled.

The concept gained momentum and now has become substantially more wide than it was ever before. As we have begun living most part of our lives on the internet and inside the internet (thanks to metaverse), it got necessary to introduce something capable of doing everything like humans, even in the digital world, and thus the concept of digital avatars came into the spotlight. That’s where our conversation begins.

So… what’s digital avatars?

Have you at any point asked your friends for a proxy? Your friend might have pretended to be “you” for a while in order to accomplish the task. These avatars somewhat play a similar role. They are your digital identity in a world more evolved than the actual world.

Put simply, the 3D avatars are the online representation of ourselves. Many out of millions, prefer avatars to replicate themselves online. The use of these digital human can be for different purpose. They ensure smooth communication by evoking a sense of interaction without truly meeting the person. Your digital avatars are really be able to perform gestures just like humans and feel them right away.

Digital Avatars — Cornerstone of the Metaverse

Technology has given rise to many promising creations. One that can’t be overlooked is the Metaverse. It is the tech trend that’s in the limelight quite a long time now. Many while still are trying to figure it out, many already have tightened their seatbelts with this tech’s next million-dollar opportunity (but what do we really say when we talk about metaverse?)

Metaverse is an interactive, immersive and collaborative 3D environment wherein 3D avatars of each individual and digital assets are allowed to connect, work, meet, party, play games and socialize together. The concept is entitled to truly blur the lines between reality and virtual reality by creating another world as lavish as the real one but beyond. This is the easiest explanation of the term, to learn more about it in details we recommend you to read our blog: Metaverse — A futuristic world of endless possibilities.

To cross between numerous experiences in the simulated virtual world, there was an urgent need for something with the ability to replicate real-world movements for better ventures. Thus, the dominant form in the metaverse became the digital avatars. These avatars help you move across the virtually created world to have a unique experience no matter what.

However, the metaverse avatars bring up an opportunity for all of us to relive our fantasies and expands the new ways to explore ourselves, and our connection with other people. It’s not too far that we will witness the new way and place to form friendships, relationships, business partners and more.

Metaspace digital avatars — What all can be done through it?

As we promise taking virtual experiences to reach incredible heights, we’re moving full steam ahead in adopting the concept of digital avatars. Metaspace would be the next home of your digital identity with many opportunities to explore.

Features of our Metaspace Avatars –

Customizable: Metaspace avatars are entirely customizable that means you can automatically generate high-quality, feature-film quality, animation-ready personalized digital avatars using your own photo in seconds — sounds enthralling, doesn’t it?

NFT Avatars: Metaspace avatars are in the form of NFT for you to have a secure ownership right. Not only the characters but their outfits and all the essentials are in the NFT form.

Equipment-rich: Your avatar will be armed with some powerful and high-tech equipment that will be useful while playing our AAA game. However, what’s unique is that your avatar will get upgraded upon each level completions.

Infinite capabilities: Your virtual twin is capable of doing all the human-like movements smoothly and efficiently. You can fight, laugh, play, dance and more.

Opportunities do we have for your digital avatar –

For your virtual twin the opportunities are endless, and the experience here is diverse. The following excursions into Metaspace’s ecosystem are available. Scroll down to have a glimpse.

Game in Metaverse

One of the most important and fascinating use cases of the Blockchain-powered Metaverse is gaming, which has given rise to the modern gaming paradigm known as “play-to-earn.” Hence, we’ve also created an AAA game within our metaverse based on infinity space lifestyle that incorporates play-to-earn attributes, NFT purchasing and selling, space travel, and many other unique elements.

Entertainment in Metaverse

How can we miss the most important aspect of life in our virtual world? To add some joy and break the monotony, our metaverse also includes some major entertainment parts. We have got virtual concerts of leading superstars, stand-up comedy shows of renowned comedians, virtual shopping and whatnot. You will find everything in our ecosystem to breathe oxygen in your life and preserve your emotional well-being.

Holy Expeditions in Metaverse

Surprisingly, visiting your favorite holy place is now more feasible than you thought it would be with Metaspace. We allow expeditions to spiritual places of all the religions so that devotees can connect to the divinity and celebrate their love for the world.

Wrap Up…

With such impactful interaction that digital avatars promises, their use is going to be pivotal in long run. Because of the avatar’s conventional intelligence, it turn fuels this engine and drives them boom forward. They indeed will humanize the digital conversation like no other.

Are you ready to meet the reflection of who you really are through these avatars because we are surely!

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METASPACE is a blockchain-powered metaverse that combines gaming, virtual concerts, holy pilgrimage, immersive shopping experience.