Metaspace: Beyond Gaming — A Cosmic Odyssey

4 min readSep 27, 2023


In the ever-expanding galaxy of gaming, where titles rise and fall like stars in the night sky, there comes a game that not only shines but also reshapes the very fabric of the gaming cosmos. “Metaspace” is that celestial phenomenon. This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill AAA game; it’s a venture that seamlessly fuses immersive space exploration with heart-pounding third-person perspective (TPP) gameplay. As we embark on this cosmic journey, we’ll unravel the enigmatic features, intricate mechanics, and enthralling progression systems that thrust “Metaspace” into a league of its own in the space adventure genre.

A Universe Unveiled
“Metaspace” propels players into an uncharted cosmic realm that defies the conventions of conventional gaming. It beckons with three captivating modes: Multiplayer Arena, Arena AI, and Story Mode. What sets this interstellar odyssey apart is its ability to weave a cohesive narrative thread while offering diverse challenges across these modes. It’s a universe full of mysteries, waiting for you to unravel.

Perhaps the most intriguing facet of “Metaspace” is its Play to Earn paradigm. Your prowess and triumphs in this game possess tangible real-world value. How is this marvel accomplished, you ask? All in-game assets exist as non-fungible digital tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain — a digital tapestry of ownership and control. These NFTs, unique and indivisible, allow you to buy, sell, and trade your in-game possessions. “Metaspace” isn’t just a game; it’s a portal to a new dimension where asset monetization and value creation prevail.

Multiplayer Arena: The Cosmic Battleground
The Multiplayer Arena mode thrusts you into adrenaline-pumping Deathmatch skirmishes — a battleground where legends are forged and heroes are made. The mission is clear: eliminate rivals, amass points, and unlock glorious rewards. Dynamic arena, set against a breathtaking celestial backdrop, serves as the theatre for showdowns that demand tactical acumen, pinpoint accuracy and lightning-quick reflexes. Here, customization options abound, allowing you to flaunt your unique identity with personalized skins, armor, and gear.

Arena AI: Challenges that Evolve
For those seeking a different cosmic challenge, Arena AI is a realm of perpetual thrills. Here, you face off against AI opponents of unparalleled skill within set timeframes. What sets this mode apart is the AI’s ability to learn and adapt, constantly reshaping the battleground. With a cornucopia of arena layouts and strategic nuances, every battle demands inventive tactics and strategic approaches. As you ascend the ranks, new AI opponents, each with their distinct strengths and vulnerabilities, emerge to ensure your journey remains a riveting one. It’s not just a solitary quest; it’s your crucible for mastering multiplayer mayhem.

Story Mode: A Cosmic Odyssey Unveiled
The Story Mode of “Metaspace” is a deep dive into a captivating narrative that ventures into the celestial depths of character creation and weaves a tapestry of mysteries. It’s a space odyssey where you’ll encounter captivating civilizations, traverse uncharted planets, and make pivotal choices that etch your mark on the narrative cosmos. What sets this mode apart is the seamless fusion of dynamic, cinematic sequences with immersive gameplay — an experience that doesn’t just engage but enchants, leaving an indelible mark on your cosmic consciousness.

The space shuttle to the Metaspace has been released for Android and iOS devices.

“Metaspace” isn’t merely a game; it’s a celestial voyage, a saga, and a renaissance in the realm of gaming. It’s a testament to the boundless possibilities of gaming, enriched by blockchain technology and innovative storytelling. So, if you’re ready to redefine your cosmic gaming odyssey and explore the cosmos as you’ve never seen it before, “Metaspace” beckons. Prepare to embark on an epic adventure, etch your legend in the arena, and sculpt the destiny of the universe itself. The future of gaming has dawned, and it’s radiant — it’s “Metaspace.”

About Metaspace
Metaspace is a decentralized metaverse where the digital and physical merge seamlessly. At its core, it is a AAA game offering unparalleled adventures and a Play-to-Earn experience powered by the “LORD” token. Beyond gaming, Metaspace is a hub for Shopping 3.0, featuring renowned brands. It also offers virtual expeditions to holy places and presents simulated concerts and comedy shows by world-famous celebrities. This unified space invites you to explore, interact, and engage while your activities within the metaverse have real-world value. Discover a new era of digital entertainment and economic potential in Metaspace.

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METASPACE is a blockchain-powered metaverse that combines gaming, virtual concerts, holy pilgrimage, immersive shopping experience.